AI Accelerated Risk Management

StartRisk simplifies risk management with its intuitive interface, accelerates decision-making and enables proactive risk mitigation. Powered by advanced AI it makes risk based thinking accessible and actionable.

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Are you a Company Director?

Get consistent and comprehensive risk insights across all your boards with StartRisk.

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Are you a Company Executive?

Empower your team to focus on strategic tasks with StartRisk's AI-driven risk management solutions.

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Are you a Risk Manager?

Boost Your Risk Team's Efficiency with AI Assistance.

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Are you a Small Business Owner
or Start Up?

Effortlessly manage your business risks with StartRisk's tailored solutions.

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Key Features

AI Risk Analysis

Leverage advanced AI tools to gain insights into potential risks and how to control them. Ideal for both seasoned risk managers and those new to risk management.

Automated Risk Reporting

Generate comprehensive risk reports with ease. StartRisk simplifies the creation of detailed reports, ensuring you can focus on decision-making rather than data gathering.

Exception-Based Monitoring

Stay informed with exception-based monitoring that alerts you when risks exceed your predefined thresholds. Perfect for directors and executives who need to prioritise strategic oversight over operational details.

Self-Service Risk Management

Empower your team with self-service access to risk management tools. This feature supports business stakeholders by providing on-demand, high-quality risk advice when they need it.

Aligned with ISO Standards

Rest assured that your risk management practices are up to international standards. StartRisk is designed in alignment with ISO31000, ensuring your approach to risk management meets global benchmarks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor risks in real-time with our dynamic risk management dashboard. Updates are reflected instantly giving you proactive insights to help prevent potential issues before they escalate.

Board-Level Insights

Provide your board with clear, actionable insights into organisational risks. StartRisk facilitates board-level decision-making with high-level summaries tailored to executive needs.

Cost-Effective Risk Management

Reduce the need for expensive risk consultants while increasing the capacity of your risk team with our cost-effective, automated risk management platform. Gain expert-level risk advice at a fraction of the cost

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